The Cranial Nerve Song — Sensory, Motor, or Both

Here’s a fun way to remember the twelve cranial nerves. Watch and see just how ingenious Leslie’s students are.


Transcript of Today’s Episode

Female Students 1 and 2: Welcome to another episode of Interactive Biology

Class: …where we’re making Biology fun.

Leslie: Oh yeah! Okay, so then, go!

Female Student 1: All right, so what we’re going to be talking about is the twelve cranial nerves and a fun little way of being able to remember them.

As I said, there are twelve cranial nerves. There are three that only carry sensory information. There are four that only carry motor information. And then, there are five that carry both.

I set it up just lining up the twelve cranial nerves and having them in order of sensory, motor and both and that’s how we get our three lines here.

So, cranial nerves I and II are going to be sensory, III and IV motor, V is both and then, we go back up to motor for cranial nerve VI; VII is going to be both.

Female Student 2: VIII sensory, IX and X are both, XI is motor and XII is both also.

Female Student 1: Okay, so then, what I did because I’m a piano player, I tied it to a musical staff. “Both” would be the space for note F, “motor” for A, “sensory” for C. So, we can tie a tune into this…

Female student 2: … And, it goes…

Female Students 1 and 2: Pam-pam-pam-pam pam-pa-pam. Pam-pam-pam-pa-pam. [Sings the tune]

Leslie: Oh yeah! Do that again. I want to hear it again.

Female student 1: Okay, so again…

Female Students 1 and 2: [Conversing]  Pam-pam-pam-pam pam-pa-pam. Pam-pam-pam-pa-pam. [Sings the tune]

Leslie: Come on everybody, we got to do this together.


Female Student 2: Can everybody do it? Everybody do this.

Female Student 1: Everybody together. Here we go, one, two, three.

Class: Pam-pam-pam-pam pam-pa-pam. Pam-pam-pam-pa-pam. [Sings the tune]

Leslie: Oh yeah! Good job, guys! Good job!

And tell them, if they want more resources like this, they come back to the website at blah-blah-blah.

Female Student 1: Oh, if you’d like more resources like this, go to

Leslie: Oh yeah!

Female Student 2: Oh, yeah!

Leslie: Goodbye!

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  1. lol at the student in the 2nd row with the plaid shirt he’s usin his hands when he’s hummin hhaha

  2. Great and fun job Samuel. Naturally congratulation at your students too. In that way your student will never forget the Cranial nerves. Guys, all you have a very good teacher. At the same way, maybe you could say (sing) what the nerves do. For exemple, cranial nerve I (if I don’t make mistake) is the olfactory nerve and then you could add, maybe, the word “olfactory” in the song or whatever you want like this and so on. Sorry for my bad English, you know I’m student too…
    have a good day, bye
    Guido from Sicily

  3. Oh yeah~~ Great idea!!! Really really fun and good memory song!
    Sol Sol Mi Mi Do Mi Do Sol Do Do Mi Do~

  4. Thank i downloaded it it’s good and i liked it, the student presented very very well.
    And also i download all your Episode 1-97 all are good thanks. If you want a think i will help as just possible as.

    I request you if you can to download a pdf book and send to my email.
    Understanding pharmacology for health professional susan 2010 pearson.

  5. There’s an easier way: just use mnemonycs. Some Say Mary Money But My Brother Says Big Boobs Matter More. (S-sensitive, M-motor, B-both)

  6. Takes way longer to sing this poorly than to just use a simple mnemonic. That biology class is fucked! 😛

  7. awesome as music really helps people remember…now can put some say money matters to a tune!

  8. Cranial nerve XII is a motor nerve not both ( hypoglossal nerve is motor) there are 5 motor

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