Did you know I used to teach High School Biology? Yep, it’s true. Well, that was until this website landed me a job as a university professor. While I was teaching there, I decided to record my lectures to provide them here for you. These high school biology videos are a bit different from the other videos you’ll find here. They are significantly longer and my students are there with me. So I guess you can say they’ll be a little more interactive. Enjoy!

Microscope - High School BiologyChapter 1 – Biology: The Study of Life

Chapter 2 – Principles of Ecology

Chapter 3 – Communities and Biomes

Chapter 4 – Population Biology

Chapter 5 – Biological Diversity and Conservation

Chapter 6 – The Chemistry of Life

Chapter 7 – A View of the Cell

Chapter 9 – Energy of the Cell

DNAChapter 10 – Mendel and Meiosis

Chapter 11 – DNA and Genes

Chapter 34 – Protection, Support, and Locomotion

Chapter 35 – The Digestive and Endocrine Systems