An Introduction To Cardiovascular Disorders

In this video, I start talking about what happens when things go wrong with the cardiovascular system. We start with a general review of the circulatory system, starting with the absorption of nutrients into the blood all the way to the function of the heart. We then deal with topics like edema, ischemia, infarctions and how the disfunction of the circulatory system can result in significant problems. Watch this video on an introduction to cardiovascular disorders.

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  1. I paid for your course but never was able to access it. Thus, I did not study and was upset.I would like to join your new endeavor. Please make this easy for me to access.

  2. working in “Special Education” requires implementation of the KISS Principal… This is not only KISS but also excellent for my “main stream” kids

  3. Hi Dr. Berni,

    I’m sorry but I don’t have any record of your purchasing the course. Are you sure you aren’t referring to the study guide? If you are having problems accessing something you purchased, please contact me via email and I’ll get you taken care of.

  4. Hi Leslie,
    Thanks again for a great lecture. It is really an excellent and informative presentation. I particularly love the handout. IIt has given me ideas on how to prepare handouts for students Nurses.
    Well done.

  5. Thanks for amazing refresh of knowledge. you have done great job. Clear to understand your explanation of that point of interest. Waiting for next ones…

  6. Glad to help Florence. Yeah, I find that it’s pretty effective to have the slides and a place for notes. Works well because they have what you have on the screen and have space to add the good stuff.

  7. Hi Leslie! I’m so happy that your videos will now be available to everyone everywhere. You do actually make biology not only fun to learn but easier to learn as well. I recommend your site to every A&P/biology student I encounter. Thanks again…and keep up the great work!

  8. Hello Leslie
    The handout and the lecture transcript did not download. Thanks for your help and great content

  9. Simply awesome. Very helpful for my Biology 20 and Biology 30 classes.
    Thanks Samuel

  10. Hi Leslie
    I love your lectures! You make everything interesting and easy to learn.
    Really love the new stuff. The handout and lecture notes are great.
    Looking forward to more from you!

  11. Working on a Tele & CVICU unit as a Navigator always keeps me interested.. Some Bio classes & just didn’t quite get it. I thought this was very simple & easy to understand… Kind of had my thinking about my HTN

  12. Again, this was very useful. Your videos help me a lot in my emt studies, and understanding physiology! Keep up the good work, I will stay tuned!


  13. Hi ,excellent lecture for the undergraduate
    we need a guide for the update for the basic and advanced physiology for postgraduates
    best wishes

  14. The video is osom ! Helped me a lot to learn new things !
    You really can explain very nicely ! Thanks a lot !

  15. You are always do the perfect video, its amaze me , well done, I like it as a student , I have to complain about it.

  16. Very informative post. By the way, I’d like to provide material to understand Cardiovascular Disorders:

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