003 What ATP is and HOW it works

In this Episode, I talk about what Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is and how it works. ATP is the energy currency of the body and it provides energy when the third phosphate detaches from the the rest of the molecule, leaving Adenosine Disphosphate (ADP) behind.

Many of the processes that happen in the cell require energy, and ATP provides that much needed energy. It’s what makes it so that you can run, talk, play sports and even just relax with a love one in the park 🙂

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What ATP is and How it Works (Watch in Youtube)

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  1. From the food we eat. We break stuff down that contains phosphorus, and we make the things that we need containing phosphorus, which in this case would be ATP.

  2. Wow Thank you. Also, thank you for answering back about the gray hair comments.

    I love the format of this video. I like seeing the boxers. It held my interest.

    I’m interested, now, in learning about Mitochondria. Hey got to move I’ve lost some phosphates.

    Take care.

  3. Thanks… I am dealing with fibromyalgia and I am being given some information that I don’t understand,,, your video made what ATP numbers mean when related to fibro!

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