Video: The Nature of Biology

This is section 1.3 in the book Biology: The Dynamics of Life. I talk about quantitative vs. qualitative research, how science is influenced by society, the difference between pure science and applied science and then I finish off with the definition of technology, when it comes to science.

This ends the introductory chapter entitled “What is Biology”. Now that we understand what biology is, we are going to go into the next section on Ecology. Stay tuned!

Enjoy 😀

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T-Cell Development and Maturation

T-Cell Development and Maturation

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  1. Android all the waaaaayyyy!!!! Whoever says Iphone’s better, u surely dont have a samsum galaxy s3! hehe still loooovveee ur videos

  2. Im a college student at a CUNY university. Graduated with ny asssociates and a senior now completing my bachelor’s. this video was nice and simple to help in bio, and imfrom sxm too lol french side!

  3. Love the way you teach, BUT grams measure MASS not weight. Weight changes depending on gravity. Also, the SI unit is the kilogram rather than the gram but that’s a lesser issue.

  4. I’ve recently got homeschooled for the remainder of my tenth grade. I’m currently using your videos to learn my biology. I was taking AP biology but this seems to work fine. I extremely enjoy using these videos with my schooling. Your humor along with your class’s humor makes it even more encouraging! Thank you so much!

  5. Hi! It’s so great to see someone enjoy biology so much. I start high school this fall and my mom and teacher recommended your videos. They have taught me a ton! (They are also really funny. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve broken the no laughing rule. Sorry!) Keep it up! Watching your videos has become a family thing. I always love to hear more!!

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