001 An Introduction to the Nervous System

This is the first in my series of BioVid Episodes: Video Tutorials to help with Biology. In the first section of my BioVid Tutorials, I will be dealing with The Nervous System. To start it all off, in this BioVid Episode, I give an introduction to the Nervous System. First, I answer the question “What is The Nervous System?”. Then I a talk about the two divisions of the Nervous System:

  • Central Nervous System
  • Peripheral Nervous System

Watch, Enjoy, and then leave your comments. There are many more videos to come. My goal is to provide at least 1 new Video on a weekly basis, so keep checking back.

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  1. are these the very im portant main parts of the nervous system?? or are you going to make another video breaking down more main parts

  2. Hi Moka,

    These are the main parts, but at each level you can break it down into many other smaller parts and get into more and more detail. I will be working on adding more over time, but I can't guarantee when it will be posted. Keep checking back as I will be adding more.

  3. I think you are doing a good job. Y not make an android or iphone apps of these. you make more money from them. i enjoyed the videos. i need studies on the sympathetic and parasympathetic pathways

  4. Thanks Okey, glad you are enjoying the content. I do plan on developing iPhone and Android apps, but that will come over time.

  5. It does work correctly. Not sure what you are seeing. Can you see other videos on Youtube and not this one for some reason?

  6. Ahhh! once again….you are gonna save my butt from burning XD haha Seriously, you’re my hero 🙂

  7. Thank you so much! We’re glad to know that you’re finding value watching our Biology videos. Please stay tuned because there will be more coming very soon!

  8. You’re welcome! Glad you found some value in them. We hope you’ll ace your test. Good luck!

  9. I am a medical assisting student online and watching your teaching video helps me understand more better! Student online is kinda hard and so i made it a habbit to watch your video most of the time! 🙂

  10. Would be very helpful if there would be subtitles of what he says 🙂 Awesome vid, btw.

  11. You have no idea of how much you save my life, with all the vids, i just studied circulatory system, muscular, respiratory and now nervous system, all thanks to you sir!

  12. after looking at your videos i feel like i’ve gained much more knowledge and understanding of the nervous system as compared to reading all these info from the textbook because they’re so chunky and wordy and i can;t really take them in haha 😛 thanks!


  14. When I’m nervous, I pop open a can of KOMA Unwind Liquid Relaxation drink, and become in a calm state of mind. 🙂

  15. I’d like to ask: what neurons innervate vessels in the brain? Where are they situated?

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