Video: ATP – Energy of the Cell

In this lecture, I deal with the concept of Energy, which is the ability to do work. I talk about ATP and how it is the energy currency of the body and about how it works. I also deal with a few people who have contributed a lot to what we now understand about the function of ATP and how energy is produced and stored in the body. It is part Chapter 9 in the textbook Biology: The Dynamics of Life, which is the chapter on Energy of the Cell.


  • What is Energy?
  • What ATP is and what it does
  • Noteworthy People

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  1. Thank you! It’s always been Leslie’s fortΓ© explaining complicated stuff in such an easy way that can clearly be understood by many. Stay tuned because we’re adding new Biology videos to the site!

  2. You have made energy of a cell so much easier to understand than my current professor. I wish I could take my classes from you instead, as I know I would pass without any problems. Thank you for making this resource available.

  3. Really wish my professor would teach like this instead of like she’s speaking to a room full of doctors. Sigh. Thank you for the “easy to understand” information.

  4. Thank you for explaining in a simple way. I understand know. All I got in my class was blah, blah,blah.

  5. You’re a much better teacher than my professor! You break it down very well. Thanks for the post!!

  6. THANK you!
    I’m studying for a Personal Trainer course and this is explained simply.
    I wish I had you years ago :).

  7. OMG. Thank you very much. I have been an exercise science student for about
    a year and a half now and never understood ATP. Thank you for making this
    easy for me to understand. Thank you !thank you !thank you.!

  8. I am currently a Paramedic major and cellular biology has been extremely rough this term. I found your videos and because of how easy you break things down I actually have a good shot at passing this class. I am excited to watch your A&P videos next term. Thank you for everything you are doing in the teaching world!

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