Video: Following Digestion of a Meal

Do you like to eat? I do, and since I’m a biologist, I like to also look at what happens in our bodies when we take stuff in. In this lecture, I first deal with the functions of the digestive system. We then take a journey through the digestive system by following your food from your mouth all the way through your body and even through the elimination of waste.

I also talk about enzymes like amylase in the saliva, pepsin in the stomach and bile from the liver and how those enzymes help in the process of digestion. So go ahead and join me on this journey through the digestive tract.

This is section 35.1 in the textbook Biology: The Dynamics of Life and is part of the chapter on The Digestive and Endocrine Systems.


  • The Functions of the Digestive System
  • A Journey through the digestive tract

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  1. hello! Excellent video. But , please correct that HCL is NOT hydochloric acid, but Hydrogen Chloride! It is misleading.

  2. Please understand that this is a High school biology class. I really don’t think that that distinction is a crucial one for Freshmen in High School.

  3. Also known as hydrochloric acid… If do some research you would know that

  4. you are a excellent teacher, i hope you know that, i appreciate all your videos,… i am in medic school!

  5. Your videos are FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing. What program do you use to create these videos?

  6. Ummm……. just to clear both sides up, HCL in an Aqueous solution is hydrochloric acid. So technically you’re both right in your own ways. However, if you wanna get even more technical, as far as the stomach goes, and the whole body for that matter, HCL and other acids are always classified as acids, this is so people don’t get confused when they start working out Bi-carb equations measuring acidity.

  7. I think that your videos are very good. It explains it very well. It’s just trying to retain the info now for my exam.

  8. Really useful, I pick things up from You Tube so much more easily than lectures. Thank you.

  9. Man, you are a life saver. I have a test tomorrow and i used your lecture and is really helpful. Thank You

  10. If this is a High School biology class – then it is even more important to correct it/them. Let’s keep our standards high for all grades levels:-)

  11. HCL is hydrochloric acid fyi… HCl on the other hand is hydrogen chloride, you have the two mixed up…. Do not make comments like these unless you are correct.

  12. Good Video, but if you want to Improve Your Own Digestive System then you need to know what to eat and what to avoid! There’s a great video that does this and can help you lose weight “How To Change Your Life, Your Digestive System and What’s Toxic, Lose Weight With Daily Emails” it will really improve your health!

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  14. The correct name of HCl is Hydrocloric acid. It is an acid and all acids are covalent molecules. There is no ionic acid in the world. the name “Hyrdrogen chloride” is the method of naming an ionic compound; and since HCl is NOT ionic it is wrong to call it hydrogen chloride.

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